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Ford 6.0 Diesel Performance

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Ford 6.0 Diesel Performance Turbo

ATS Aurora 6.0L Turbo Kit

2003 to 2007 Ford 6.0L Diesel Turbo Kit
The turbo found on the Ford 6.0L engine is notorious for poor and inconsistent response, which can lead to poor drivability, extreme exhaust gas temperatures, poor fuel economy, and compromised reliability. Now, thanks to ATS, the problems resulting from the unreliable factory variable vane turbo charger are a thing of the past!  The ATS Aurora 6.0L Turbo Kits are offered in multiple sizes, and allow for huge power, while providing quick response and maintaining the reliable, consistent performance diesel truck owners demand. Turbo response, along with mid-range and top-end power, are unmatched by any other turbo, and the Aurora line of turbos offers the most complete range of turbo charging solutions; whether you want to pull a sled, have a hot street truck, or just be able to pull your trailer safely through the hills without fear of excessive EGT's, we've got you covered! By installing one of our perfectly matched Aurora Turbo Kits, you're allowing your 6.0L Powerstroke to breathe, giving you the airflow you need to give you the performance you want, all while maintaining low EGT's and actually improving your engine's overall reliability and longevity!  We back this up by giving you the best warranty in the business: 3 Years or 150,000 Miles! All Aurora Turbo Kits come complete with all of the parts needed to convert from your stock turbo to one of our Aurora Turbos. Nobody offers a better selection or a more complete package, tailor-made for your needs!

Ford Turbo Kits

  • AUR-2-F6.0-KIT-0306
    Aurora 2000 Turbo System, Ford 6.0L 03-06
  • AUR-3-F6.0-KIT-0306
    Aurora 3000 Turbo System, Ford 6.0L 03-06
  • AUR-5-F6.0-KIT-0306
    Aurora 5000 Turbo System, Ford 6.0L 03-06