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Ford 6.0 Diesel Performance Fuel Delivery

Fuel System

Fuel System Upgrade

Upgrade your fuel system for more power and efficiency. The 6.0L Powerstroke comes from the factory with a fuel system that is just barely capable of supplying the required volume. Once you increase fuel supply demands with a tuner or custom injectors your stock systems pressure runs low. We have designed a 3 stage fuel system upgrade for your 6.0L.

Stage 1
Improve fuel flow to the cylinder heads. This kit replaces the restrictive banjo bolts and steel lines that run from the fuel filter housing to the cylinder heads. Kit consists of larger diameter braided steel lines and fittings. 95gph flow rate, 16psi.


Stage 2
Raise pressure and ensure fuel supply to rear cylinders. This kit bypasses the stock fuel pressure regulator and circulates fuel through the cylinder heads. No longer will fuel dead-head at the back of the cylinder heads; now it runs to an external pressure regulator and then returns to the fuel tank. By circulating fuel through the cylinder heads we ensure the rear injectors are always supplied with fuel and at the same time air is removed from the fuel system. Kit consists of Stage 1 components, an Aeromotive Marine Fuel Pressure Regulator, steel hard lines, braided steel lines, and fittings. 90gph flow rate @ 50psi.


Stage 3
Increase fuel volume and pressure to sustain any fuel demand needed.This kit replaces the factory fuel pump, supply lines, and fuel tank pickup. Kit consists of Stage 1 and 2 components, an Aeromotive Marine Fuel Pump, larger fuel tank pickup tube, and larger supply lines. 200gph flow rate @ 50ps.

FASS Fuel Supply System
FASS Fuel Supply System

Stage 3 kit can be optioned to work with the FASS fuel supply system.
Fuel delivery is the key to big power. Reliability of precision high pressure fuel injection pumps is largely credited to clean, non-aerated fuel. Diesel fuel cavitates very easily, and this cavitation creates air bubbles. The air bubbles allow the mechanical parts of the pump to make contact, because the diesel fuel is the lubricating oil for the pumps. This cavitation causes extreme wear to the precision injection pump. Lack of fuel hinders the ability of the engine to make power. Getting clean, pure, high volume diesel fuel to the main injector pump is key for high powered, reliable, long lasting performance of any diesel engine. The pump shown is also available without the filters and air separation.