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Dodge 12 Valve Diesel Performance Turbo

Aurora 2000 Turbo

Aurora 2000 Turbo
The Aurora 2000 Turbo Kit is the foundation of all ATS turbo systems, designed for everyday driving and extreme towing. The factory turbo charger is small and not designed for extremely heavy towing. When pulling heavy, the factory turbo charger falls short on airflow. The lack of airflow causes high EGTs that are very harmful to your engine. The Aurora 2000 turbine section of the turbo charger is perfectly matched to the volumetrics of the 5.9L Cummins engine. This means there is no wastegate in the turbine housing wasting valuable heat energy developed by the engine. Boost pressures between 32 to 38 PSI are optimal for the Aurora 2000 turbo system. Due to the perfect balance of the Aurora 2000 turbo system there is an increase in economy over the stock turbo charger. Mate the Aurora 2000 turbo charger with our Pulse Flow exhaust manifold and Arc-Flow intake manifold for maximum airflow with minimum airflow restriction.

Aurora 5000 Turbo

Aurora 5000 Turbo
For maximum power and boost, there is just no substitute for The Aurora 5000 Turbo. The Aurora 5000 utilizes a five inch compressor intake and is capable of boost levels of over 60 PSI. This is the only single turbo production kit available that is capable of producing power levels of over 600 HP on diesel fuel alone while allowing street driver manners.

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Aurora MST (Multi Stage Turbo)

The Aurora MST (Multi Stage Turbo) is the latest innovation from ATS. As wasted exhaust energy from the engine enters the turbine section of the turbo, the exhaust flow is diverted into only one volute section by a variable valve. This allows quick spool up of the turbo at low speeds. As the variable valve opens for increased air flow, the exhaust is opened to both volute sections of the turbo, allowing the engine to " breath." This reduction in exhaust pressure increases engine efficiency, reduces exhaust temperatures, and increases economy. Now you have that "big turbo" performance with small turbo spool up. A key element of proper turbo sizing is the delicate balance between exhaust pressure and intake boost pressure. The innovative design of the Aurora MST automatically balances the pressures, optimizing turbo efficiency and response.

The response of the variable valve can be adjusted by using the adjustment screw to dial it in for your unique engine configuration. We have also engineered into the design an internal wastegate to protect from an overboost condition. The wastegate can also be adjusted for the exact max boost level desired.

Turbo Timer

Turbo Timers
ATS also carries turbo timers which offer the convenience of jumping out of your truck quickly once at your destination. Once you remove your key and leave the truck the timer will allow the truck to run for a preset time that you chose in order to cool down the turbo(s).

Dodge Aurora 3000 Turbo Kits

  • AUR-3-D-KIT-94-02
    Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit, 94-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins, 12V & 24V.  Complete with all hardware
  • AUR-5-D-KIT-9402
    Aurora 5000 Turbo Kit, Fits 12 & 24-Valve  Dodge, 94-02,
    Complete with all hardware, 4-inch Down Pipe, 5 to 4-inch Intake Tube and 3.5-Inch Compressor Discharge Pipe,
    Boost levels of 70 PSI are possible with Turbo
    NOTE: Recommended use of head studs with this turbo kit

Dodge Aurora 2000 Turbo Kits

  • 59411/HX-4
    4-Inch Down Pipe, Fits Aurora 2000/5000, ISB, 94-02
  • AUR-2-D-KIT-9498
    Aurora 2000 Turbo Kit, Fits 12-Valve Dodge, 94-98,
    Perfect for Power Levels of 450 to 500 HP,
    Complete with all hardware,
    Comes with Exhaust Discharge for Factory Elbow
    NOTE: 4-Inch Exhaust Discharge with 4-Inch Down Pipe Available

Aurora Compund Turbo Aurora Compound Turbo
A Combination of the Aurora 2000 and 5000 turbos that are designed for a twin compound configuration. Each turbo compliments the performance of the other providing quick spool up and also delivering massive power. The 5000 features a CNC machined forged aluminum billet compressor wheel, which sustains a very high pressure ratio while the 3000 features an extended tip compressor wheel to generate high boost, both operating without high mileage fatigue.

Using the existing Dodge factory components the compound turbo installs easily without any interference. There are no welded flanges or pipes with cast components. The custom designed internal waste gate allows the large turbo to be securely mounted and center lined with the factory exhaust with no need to buy any additional equipment or components to use this system. For the ultimate compound turbo charged power increase, the ATS Aurora Twin Turbo Kit is a one-of-a-kind innovation, and a complete solution in one package!

All Aurora turbo chargers have a 3 year 150,000 mile warranty.

NOTE: Head Studs are recommended whenever generating over 45 pounds of boost.

Dodge Aurora Compound Turbo Kits

    Upgrade Kit Includes Aurora 2000 with wastegated turbine housing, Oil lines, Low and high pressure air pipes, clamps and hoses and 3-piece manifold. This is a complete up-grade to convert your existing Aurora 5000 single turbo to the Aurora compound turbo set
  • AUR-TWIN-D-KIT-94-98
    Aurora Twin (Compound) Turbo Kit, Fits Dodge 12-Valve 94-98, Complete with Turbos, Manifolds, Piping and all Mounting Hardware NOTE: Boost pressure is adjustable down to 40PSI, when boost levels of over 48 PSI are run head studs are highly recommended, On automatic transmission applications the factory heat exchanger is removed
    Upgrade Kit Includes Aurora 5000,A-2000 wastegated turbine housing, Oil lines, Low and high pressure air pipes, clamps and hoses and 3-piece manifold. This is a complete up-grade to convert your existing Aurora 2000 single turbo to the Aurora compound turbo set