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> Dodge 12 Valve Diesel Performance Propane Injection

Dodge 12 Valve Diesel Performance Propane Injection

Propane Injection

Propane Injection

The ATS propane injection can be added to any turbo charged diesel engine. This system is extremely versatile and can be tailored to a driver's individual needs. The pressure switch can be set between 3.1 to 20 psi. to control when propane is turned on and at what RPM the propane flow begins. The ATS propane regulator can precisely meter vaporized propane into the intake stream to ensure that the optimal amount of propane is injected into the diesel airstream at all times for maximum power or to enhance fuel economy while driving around town or on the freeway. The system can be turned on or off at any time from inside the cab with an illuminated toggle switch.

The ATS propane injection is the first Item that should be added to your diesel when looking for Maximum economy!

Propane system and tank sold separately. 42"x10" under bed tank and remote fill kit shown.

Dodge Propane Kits

  • PRO59
    Torque Pro Propane Injection System, 94 to 05 Dodge 5.9L Diesel
  • PROT830D
    8"x30" Propane Tank, Under truck mount
    5 Gallon Capacity 
    *Some modifications may be needed in some applications