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Dodge 12 Valve Diesel Performance

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Dodge 12 Diesel Performance Valve Injectors

Performance Injectors

Performance Injectors

ATS performance injectors offer a huge performance boost to any truck owner wishing to increase their engine's performance. Fuel atomization is the key element when designing an injector and ATS Injectors have been optimized to deliver maximum fuel while burning efficiently. Differently rated models are available depending on how much you wish to increase your power.

All injectors are not created equal, ATS Injectors are engineered to give your truck the edge you need and performance you desire.

Dodge Injectors

  • 0432133864
    Injectors, Each, VE 12-Valve, 300HP, 89-93 Ram (each - x6)
  • ATS10B
    1994-98 Dodge, 12V 370 hp Injector (each - x6)
  • ATS5B
    1994-98 Dodge, 12V 300 hp Injector (each - x6)

Mechanical Performance

Twelve Valve Inline Injector Pump

Injector Pump

The famous Cummins P-7100 Twelve Valve Inline Injector Pump can be purchased from ATS in two different power levels. Both pumps come with 3000 RPM Governor Springs installed and fully rebuilt for 100% reliability. The Stage 1 Pump is for towing, with a moderate power increase of approximately 85 HP over stock. The Stage 2 Pump is designed more for race applications, offering power levels to 600 HP over stock. This pump is recommended for use with a minimum of the Aurora 5000 Turbo or compound (twin) turbo chargers.

Fuel Plate
Fuel Plate
Increasing fuel to the Cummins P-7100 Pump is easy with the addition of a Fuel Plate. There are eight fuel plates to choose from. This is the governing controller responsible for limiting fuel to the diesel engine. Power levels of 50-130 HP can be attained by the simple addition of a fuel plate.

Delivery Valves
Delivery Valves
The Delivery Valves are the key items that should be changed for maximum fuel delivery. Extreme amounts of fuel can be injected into the cylinder when high flow delivery valves are installed.

Governor Springs  Governor Spring

Governor Springs
Governor Springs determine the maximum RPM that the engine will turn while under power. Installing a set of 3000 RPM springs will raise the operating range of the Cummins from 2550 RPM to 3200 RPM. This increased RPM is awesome for towing and performance. The Air Fuel Controller Kit optimizes the rate at which the pump fuels the engine once there is boost detected. The AFC Kit is very responsive.

Valet Switch
Valet Switch
Installing the Valet Switch allows the driver to simply turn off the additional power at the flip of a switch. This easy-to-install system gives the driver complete control, and is a must for any Stage 2 Pump or after any of the above components have been added to a stock pump.

Dodge Delivery Valves

  • 2-418552-191
    High Flow Delivery Valves (each)

Dodge 12V VE

  • ATS 0-460-426-184EX
    Injector Pump, Rebuilt, 12-Valve, 89-93, VE, Dodge, Main Injector Pump, Cummins

Dodge Fuel Plates

  • C18053
    Fuel Valet Switch, 12VFuel Valet / Performance Override Switch, 12V
  • IN4,5,6,8,10,12
    12V Fuel Plate #4,5,6,8,10,12 (Click the Technical Information link at the top of this page for the plate rating graph)
  • TQP00
    12V Fuel Plate #00
  • GDI3000
    High RPM Governor Spring Kit

Dodge 12V P7100

  • ATS 0-402-736-911
    Injector Pump, 12-Valve, 96-98, Automatic, 911, Dodge
  • ATS 0-402-736-913
    Injector Pump, 12-Valve, 96-98, Standard, 913, Dodge