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Chevy LB7 Diesel Performance

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Chevy LB7 Diesel Performance Electronics

ATS E-Power programmer Today diesel performance is widely achieved with the addition of plug-in electronics. Choosing the correct module for your application can be confusing, and there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

Towing modules are in the 50-70 HP range, and power levels above this require protective precautions, such as an Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge and automatic power backdown capability (achieved with the Edge Juice Module). When adding an electronic module, an ATS Exhaust System is recommended for lower EGTs. When using more than one module in combination (stacking), an upgraded Turbo System and an upgraded Intake System are recommended for maximum benefit. The ATS E-Power programmers offer a power increase of over 200 HP & 400 lb FT. You can perform speedometer corrections, speed limiter removal, and gain amazing performance. The E-Power also retains the stock programming in memory. The E-Power can read and clear data trouble codes output by the OEM computer.


2001-2004.5 LB7: +230 HP / +475 lb FT, Four power levels, Speedo correction, Speed limiter removal, +2-3 mpg, DTC code reading

Power Levels (total):
1. 432.29 HP @ 3150 RPM - 730.29 lb FT @ 2450 RPM
2. 460.18 HP @ 3150 RPM - 772.14 lb FT @ 2850 RPM
3. 505.82 HP @ 3200 RPM - 860.57 lb FT @ 2850 RPM
4. 531.53 HP @ 3200 RPM - 974.62 lb FT @ 2300 RPM


The Duramaximizer
The Duramaximizer controls fuel rail pressure as engine load is increased, so there is no effect on the fuel pressure unless engine demand and load are high. The Duramaximizer provides more power, less smoke, and manageable exhaust temps, with an average power increase around 70 HP and 120 FP. Recommended for use with the ATS Xcelerator.

Edge Juice

Edge Juice

The Juice With Attitude Monitor is a plug in module that features three power levels with gains from 50-100 HP and torque gains from 150-265 FP. The Juice lengthens the injection pulse and adjusts the injection timing, providing smooth precise power delivery, improved throttle response, drivability, and towing performance.

ATS Attitude Mount


Attitude Mount
The ATS Attitude Mount is an inexpensive aluminum plate that is designed to mount the Edge Attitude Monitor in the center console above the rear view mirror. The Mount has a lip which positions the Attitude Monitor toward the driver at a 5° angle. The Mount is available with a solid face (shown), or with two blank rocker switches which can be used for any application you. choose.

GM Power Modules - ATS

  • EPOWER-LB7-01-03
    E-Power Programmer, 2001 to 2003, Duramax, GM, 3 Power Level Options, Vehicle Speed Correction, Code Retrieval
  • MAX01-04
    Duramaximizer, 60-HP Gain, Infinitely Adjustably, Works with other power modules, 2001-2004.5, LB7 (Works with all Power Modules)

GM Power Modules - Edge

  • EAC1000
    Edge Attitude Monitor for Chevy Juice
    2001-04 LB7 Duramax Juice Extreme Program (125 hp, 300 lbs torque). Program only
  • EJC1000
    2001-2004 Power Edge Juice LB7
  • EJC1000-WAM
    2001-2004 Power Edge Juice LB7 W/ Attitude Module
  • GA03ATT-AS
    2001-05 ATS Attitude Mount, Angled Bracket, WITH Switches, does not work with sunroof option
  • GA06ATT
    Attitude Visor Mount - GM, Mounts Juice Attitude Monitor just below visor in top left corner of windshield